Unlike other tracker devices which monitor a wide range of biometrics, Z•TRACK was designed exclusively for sleep. Not only does Z•TRACK provide exquisite details about how you sleep, as part of our interactive System, SOLTEC•HEALTH™, it also helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep, by instructing Z•GEN to provide the proper sleep stimuli.

Z•TRACK is worn on your upper wrist and measures your pulse, blood oxygen level, arm movements and snoring sounds. During the first three nights of recording, Z•TRACK collects your baseline sleep data to determine your typical sleep patterns, including the length of your sleep cycles and the sleep stage patterns within each sleep cycle. Sleep cycles vary between 70 and 110 minutes on average and each cycle contains segments representing the various stages of sleep (light sleep, deep or delta sleep and REM or dream sleep).

This data is used to benchmark your typical sleep patterns, as compared to INS (Ideal Normal Sleep) data so that every night, you have not only your baseline data to compare to, but also, INS data, as your sleep metrics improve. Lastly, these and subsequent nights are used to measure any obstructive snoring events. These are snoring events associated with drops in blood oxygen levels.

However, by far, the most important role of Z•TRACK is to perform your sleep analysis in real-time and immediately provide relevant instructions to Z•GEN™ during your sleep. The sleep analysis is based primarily on the real-time examination of your heart rate variability data. This evaluation not only reveals the stage of sleep you are in, but also the exact frequencies that are needed to assist you in your transition to your next stage of sleep and to enhance your deep sleep, while it’s happening.

This evaluation reveals the stage of sleep you are presently in, and determines what frequencies should be emitted by Z•GEN to normalize your sleep patterns, including the amount of Delta (deep sleep) and REM sleep you obtain. The changes that result in your sleep occur over weeks to several months depending upon how abnormal your baseline sleep patterns are.

Since Z•TRACK is analyzing this data in real time and since it already knows historically what your sleep patterns are like and how they have been changing, it can anticipate what frequencies Z•GEN should emit, as a starting point. The real-time analysis allows for greater refinement of the stimuli. This knowledge-based, closed-loop system supports the continual improvement and maintenance of your improving sleep metrics. All of this information is available to you for review in the morning using the SOLTEC•Z™ app.

Scientifically analyzing your sleep in real-time and immediately using that data while asleep, to improve your sleep, can only be accomplished using the SOLTEC•HEALTH™ System. Enjoy, and sweet dreams.