A Significant Improvement in Deep Sleep was Demonstrated in Sixty-Seven Participants Over an Average of 4 Months.

Soltec Health System


Dr. Dan Cohen, a trailblazer in automated sleep diagnostics and the innovative marketer behind the Breathe Right nasal strip, has dedicated the past decade to developing a revolutionary technology aimed at enhancing sleep quality, especially deep (delta) sleep and reducing stress.


As we age, we experience a decline in deep sleep

By the time we reach our mid to late 40s, most people have lost 60-70%. Deep sleep plays a pivotal role in health, responsible for as much as 80% of growth hormone secretion, fostering cell repair, muscle recovery and rejuvenation, improved immune function, and contributing to longer, more consolidated sleep.

“Sleeping fewer than six hours on a regular basis is a health concern,” observes Dr. Cohen. It has been well documented in thousands of medical studies on hundreds of thousands of individuals that chronic sleep deprivation is associated with increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and other illnesses.


A radically different approach to deeper, longer sleep

The technology, known as the Soltec® System, utilizes a drug-free, non-invasive magnetic generator placed discreetly under the bed or near the footboard. The accompanying wrist wearable, monitoring sleep stages in real time, instructs the generator to emit personalized frequencies automatically determined during the initial nights of use, thereby enhancing sleep induction and deep sleep.  Proven effective, users simply wear the sleep tracker and press start to experience the benefits. Currently, other company wearable devices cannot interface with the magnetic generator.


Data reveals remarkable improvements in sleep quality

Results involving sixty-seven subjects who used the Soltec System for an average of 116 nights revealed significant improvements in Sleep Time, Delta sleep, and Non-REM sleep quality.

  • Notably, highly significant statistical results were achieved in Non-REM quality, with 73% reporting positive responses.
  • 69% of subjects showed improved Delta sleep and Sleep Time.
  • Subjects with initial Delta levels averaging 55 or fewer minutes demonstrated a 15% improvement.

In summary, the Soltec System, employing specific low-frequency magnetic waves synchronized with the user’s sleep stage, was proven effective in enhancing Delta Sleep and increasing Sleep Time. Non-REM quality emerged as an early sensitive indicator of improved sleep quality, which occurred as Light sleep transitioned to more Delta sleep.

Soltec Health is actively seeking participants for a study correlating its ResF™ Personal Frequency metric with severity levels in anxiety disorders, including PTSD. Interested individuals can participate by completing an online questionnaire. Upon completion, Soltec Health provides users with a $700 credit toward the purchase of the Soltec System. The study welcomes all participants regardless of anxiety or PTSD status.


To participate in the study, visit www.soltechealth.com/studies.