Sleep Management System is now the SOLTEC Sleep Enhancement System image

Why we can’t just call it sleep management anymore!

Our System enhances the stage of sleep that is right for you, prescribed by your own data. It’s like how a tuning fork, when brought within the proximity of another, identical tuning fork will synchronize to the same note. We all want to sleep according to a natural cycle that is right for us, but we all sleep to a different tune. SOLTEC HEALTH™ not only knows the melody that’s right for you, but it can also help you play your part correctly. With continued use, the SOLTEC HEALTH System will help your sleep performance.

We were thrilled when we established that we could manage a user’s sleep. It was great to be able to help a person fall asleep, stay asleep and to sleep more deeply, but all of that was just a first step. The team worked tirelessly to improve the analysis Z•TRACK provided, while testing and retesting the therapeutic frequencies of Z•GEN in a variety of ranges, compared to the data collected. By applying sleep science and engineering to our discovery, we have been able to consistently enhance specific stages of sleep according to the user’s own data.

For more information on how “Relax,” our daytime session feature for stress relief can help to improve sleep and overall health, read more.

To manage your own sleep is a valuable gift, but to enhance it is a dream come true.

Sleep Right with SOLTEC.