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Renowned Neurologist Unveils Technological Breakthrough in Achieving Deeper Sleep

Dr. Dan Cohen, a trailblazer in automated sleep diagnostics and the innovator behind the Breathe Right nasal strip, has dedicated the past decade to developing a revolutionary technology aimed at enhancing sleep quality, especially deep (delta) sleep and reducing stress.

How Blue Light Impacts Sleep and How to Counteract its Effects

Is your evening screen time affecting your sleep? Many of us are unknowingly exposed to blue light through common devices, which could be the culprit behind disrupted sleep patterns.

Discover the Secrets of Rejuvenating Sleep with the SOLTEC HEALTH System: A Breakthrough in Sleep Technology

Elevate your sleep quality and embrace a healthier lifestyle with SOLTEC HEALTH. Unlock the power of restful nights and energized days – your journey to rejuvenated health starts here.

How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need?

How Much Deep Sleep Do You Need?

Sleep – it’s something we all do, yet so many of us are left wondering if we’re doing it “right.” Among the various sleep stages, deep sleep has generated a fair amount of attention, and rightfully so. During this phase, our bodies undergo some of the most restorative processes. So, how much deep sleep do you need for optimal health? Let’s dive in.

Beat Sleep Debt: Boost Daytime Energy in Simple Steps

Beat Sleep Debt: Boost Daytime Energy in Simple Steps

Sleep is essential for optimal health and well-being, but did you know that an accumulated sleep debt over the years can't be resolved with just a few nights of rest? If you've been battling poor sleep, your body might send confusing signals. Let's dive into the...

How Much REM Sleep Do You Need?

How Much REM Sleep Do You Need?

So, why is REM sleep needed? Let’s get back to its’ benefits – problem solving and creativity and emotional and mental health. Great problem solvers use their brain to generate questions and let the answers come to them. An excellent time to receive those answers is when asleep, particularly during REM sleep. It isn’t surprising that most REM sleep happens late in our sleep session, providing a greater chance we will awaken with the answer.

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