Should I use Z•TRACK?

Z•TRACK is intended for those that want to monitor their sleep using sleep lab quality metrics. Some people may want to use Z•TRACK to assess their sleep before using the entire system.

Should I use SOLTEC•SMS?

The SOLTEC•SMS is intended for those that want to monitor their sleep and want help to fall asleep, stay asleep and experience Delta (deep, restorative) sleep.

What makes Z•TRACK unique?

Engineered specifically for sleep, Z•TRACK measures pulse rate variability which it then correlates with built-in motion analysis to provide an accurate picture of your sleep. It also monitors blood oxygen and snoring levels to assess breathing disturbances. But that’s not all. Z•TRACK doesn’t just track sleep metrics thoroughly and with precision, it learns from that data and adjusts the activity of Z•GEN to generate frequencies, which are personalized for you. Z•TRACK truly is like having a sleep lab on your wrist.

Do my partner and I each have to have our own unit?

Yes. Because the system is personalized, a complete, dedicated system is required for each user. To optimize the effects of the SMS, you and your partner should have their own Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner and Z•TRACK. Remember, Z•TRACK records and analyzes your unique sleep patterns and informs Z•GEN throughout the night to enhance and personalize your sleep.

Will the system affect my bed partner?

There may be a shared effect if the unit is positioned within 4 feet of another individual. Therefore, Z•GEN should be placed more than four feet away from the feet of your partner. 

Where should I put Z•GEN?

Z•GEN should be placed within four feet of the soles of your feet.

Do I need a phone to use Z•TRACK or SOLTEC•SMS?

Either an iPhone or Android phone is required.

Does the system make a lot of noise? Will noise from the unit affect my bed partner?

We use low frequencies, which the system can produce very quietly.

Why is there a subscription fee for your system?

For Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers, we have waived our monthly subscription for 12 months. After one year, our sleep care program at $9.99 per month covers the data storage, continual analysis, research, protocol refinement and personalization of the individual protocols used to dynamically program the Z•GEN magnetic conditioner specifically for each user. This is not a static system.


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