SOLTEC Sleep Enhacement System Insights


The Basics

Why should I use SOLTEC•SES?

SOLTEC•SES is intended for those that want to monitor their sleep and want help to fall asleep, stay asleep and experience deep, restorative sleep. The system conditions your local environment to create an ideal state to migrate your sleeping patterns and the quality of your sleep over time.

Will the SOLTEC•SES fix my sleep immediately?

The SOLTEC•SES allows your sleep patterns to migrate towards healthier sleep. While starting with the SES, it is common to see a range of scores. Over the next few weeks, you should see your scores rise, become more consistent and you should feel more rested throughout the day.

Another large consideration is sleep hygiene; A regular bedtime, not eating or drinking right before bed, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and caffeine use all play their part. Greater abnormalities in sleep habits take longer to change.

Should I start with only Z•TRACK?

Z•TRACK is intended for those that want to monitor their sleep using sleep lab quality metrics. Some people may want to use Z•TRACK to assess their sleep needs before deciding to use the entire system.


The Elements

What are all the pieces to SOLTEC•SES?

Z•TRACK – The Night-Time Wearable

Z•TRACK truly is like having a sleep lab on your wrist. Engineered specifically for sleep, Z•TRACK measures pulse rate variability which it then correlates with built-in motion analysis to provide an accurate picture of your sleep. It also monitors blood oxygen and snoring levels to assess breathing disturbances. Z•TRACK analyzes sleep metrics thoroughly and with precision, it learns from that data and adjusts the activity of Z•GEN.

Z•GEN – The Sleep Environment Conditioner

Z•GEN delivers safe, low-strength magnetic frequencies. Z•GEN is comprised of two magnetic generators operating simultaneously. This allows for precise frequency ranges that shape the local environment to stimulate the different stages of sleep. These frequencies resonate with the user much like a struck tuning fork can transfer its vibration to a stationary tuning fork.


SOLTEC•Z is the sleep app able to run on both iOS and Android platforms.


How do I use Z•TRACK and Z•GEN?

How do I get my baseline?

For Personalization of your sleep environment, we ask that you wear the Z•TRACK for three nights to establish your baseline metrics. We then use these metrics to program the correct stimulus, which will continue to change over time. On the fourth night, when starting your Z•TRACK in our app (SOLTEC•Z), Z•GEN will activate and run throughout the night. In the morning when you stop your sleep session in SOLTEC•Z, the Z•GEN will shut off automatically.

Where should I put Z•GEN?

Z•GEN should be placed within four feet of the soles of your feet, typically at the foot of (or underneath) the bed.

How do I use SOLTEC•Z?

Download and install SOLTEC•Z from either the Apple or Android app store and click through the onboarding screens to learn more about the SES.

In the upper right of the main screen, you will see an icon for the wearable. This is where you bring up the menu to start or stop a sleep session.

The most prominent metric that you’ll see on the screen is your Sleep Score. This score is derived from the five sub-scores you will see below: sleep time, sleep depth (regenerative sleep), REM (dream sleep), onset (time to fall asleep) and efficiency (uninterrupted sleep).

 Z•TEST™ Scores – What they mean How to use them

Toward the bottom of the screen, you will find Reports. Click on the Sleep Stages Report to open a graphical representation of your night’s sleep. You may tilt your screen to landscape for a better view. At the bottom of the report, you may view your sleep stages in percentage and time formats.


Your sleep, your system

Do my partner and I each have our own SES?

Yes. Because the system is personalized, a complete, dedicated system is required for each user. To optimize the effects of the SES, you and your partner should have your own Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner and Z•TRACK.


Will the system affect my bed partner?

If your bed partner’s feet are within 4’ of the Z•GEN they can be within the field. Best practice is for each user to place the Z•GEN at the far corner of the foot of the bed.There may be a shared effect if the unit is positioned within 4 feet of another individual. Therefore, Z•GEN should be placed more than four feet away from the feet of your partner.

How much noise does the system make?

The system is extremely quiet and will not disturb anyone’s sleep.


For you and your information

How is my data being used?

All user data is stored in an encrypted database. We process and save your physiologic data using Z•TRACK to determine your baseline status. Each night we process the data monitored by Z•TRACK to make real time adjustments to the magnetic stimulus patterns to further refine and personalize Z•GEN stimulus in an effort to improve your sleep patterns. We also save your data in the database so that you can restore it to your device if necessary. Your personal identifiable information will never be shared with others.




Why is there a membership fee for your system?

Membership Includes: Application upgrades (SOLTEC•Z and SOLTEC•S), data storage, continual analysis, protocol refinement and personalization of the individual protocols used to dynamically program the Z•GEN magnetic conditioner specifically for each user, extended warranty and replacement plan. 

Is your product cleared by the FDA?

No. It is our understanding that the SOLTEC•SES is considered a general wellness product under the FDA’s General Wellness guidance. See General Wellness: Policy for LowRisk Devices: Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff. Document issued on September 27, 2019.

  • WARNING: Maintain a safe distance of at least six inches between the SOLTEC•SES System and a pacemaker, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, deep brain stimulator or other active implantable device. The System may interfere with these devices and increase the risk of injury, illness or death. Consult with a medical provider on whether the System could affect your implantable medical device. 
  • CAUTION: The SOLTEC•SES System has not been tested during pregnancy. Consult with a medical provider prior to use during pregnancy.
  • CAUTION: The SOLTEC•SES System has not been tested on persons under the age of 18. Consult with a medical provider before use by anyone under the age of 18.
  • DISCLAIMER: The Soltec Sleep Enhancement System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Individual results vary. Consult with a medical provider for solutions that may be appropriate for you.