We started with the belief that all people have the ability to experience less stress, sleep better, heal and lead a better life.

SOLTEC HEALTH is pioneering a new industry through the discovery of non-invasive technological innovations which will, cost-effectively, improve sleep and reduce stress.

OUR GOAL — unravel the mystery of sleep.

For over a decade, we’ve explored many questions, but one keeps bubbling up — what causes sleep? Our journey has taken us deep into the science and evolution of sleep.

Why, for example, do most people, as they age, spend less and less time in deep sleep, which is the most restorative and healing stage of sleep? Our research has even led us to examine more primitive animals. Reptiles have documented delta (deep) and REM (dream) sleep, yet these species don’t have big brains, like we humans? The two most important stages of sleep in humans and reptiles originate from deeper structures and that is what we measure with Z•TRACK.


A Letter from Our CEO

For a more in depth look into our past, present and future, peruse this letter from our CEO, Dr. Dan Cohen.


science and technology, say hello to sleep.

Fortunately, scientific research has helped clarify the situation. Armed with this new found knowledge and the latest in technical advancements, Dr. Dan Cohen together with a brilliant team of engineers, sleep experts, and designers embarked on a mission to develop a system that is unlike anything, anyone would deem possible. The result? A technological innovation straight out of science fiction. Fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep deeper with the SOLTEC•SMS.

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