2 tuning forks vibrate in unison similar to the Z•GEN and human

How it Works

The growth in sleep monitoring using wearables has fostered greater knowledge about sleep. More people now realize that sleep is not homogeneous. We sleep in cycles, lasting from 70 to 110 minutes, and each sleep cycle consists of various amounts of light, deep, and dream sleep. Amongst normal sleepers, deep or Delta sleep, occurs mostly during sleep cycles in the first half of the night, while dream or REM sleep occurs in greater amounts in sleep cycles that occur later in the night. Therefore, sleep is constantly fluctuating between various stages of sleep.

The information that wearables can provide about your sleep can help to better understand your sleep. Some of them also show how different daytime activities affect your sleep. This knowledge provides better understanding of how lifestyle changes can improve your sleep. But wouldn’t it be nice if a wearable could also be used to actually improve your sleep, in real time, while being monitored? It would be of tremendous value if it could also enhance the 2 most important stages of sleep, Delta and REM.

This is now possible with the SOLTEC HEALTH™ System. With Real Time SSE the System can deepen Delta and restore sleep that we lose as we age. It enhances REM sleep, so there is less chance of awakening while dreaming. These changes create deeper sleep with fewer awakenings causing you to sleep longer and deeper, resulting in healthier, more consolidated sleep.

How does SOLTEC•HEALTH accomplish this? The System consists of 2 main components, the Z•TRACK™ Analyst and the Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner.

Z•TRACK measures pulse, motion, blood oxygen level, and snoring sounds. Every 30 seconds It analyzes this information to determine the stage of sleep you are in with great precision. Knowing which sleep stage you are in, while asleep, is vitally important.

This knowledge allows Z•TRACK to instruct Z•GEN, in the moment, what frequencies to emit in order to enhance your sleep. For instance, if you awaken or move into drowsiness, Z•GEN can emit frequencies that help you fall back to sleep. When you are moving towards Delta sleep, Z•GEN can emit Delta enhancing frequencies, and when you are moving towards REM, Z•GEN can emit REM enhancing frequencies.

How does Z•GEN enhance your sleep? Since our nervous system evolved under the influence of the Earth’s magnetic frequencies, it is of no surprise that it is responsive to magnetic frequencies. The frequency ranges that produce Delta and REM sleep are within the range of frequencies produced by the Earth’s magnetic field. Unfortunately, the Earth’s changing magnetic field is not timed with the exact stage of sleep each of us is experiencing. Since Z•TRACK knows what stage of sleep you are in moment by moment, real time sleep stage enhancement can be delivered by Z•GEN. It produces frequencies consistent with your stage of sleep. When your data suggests that you are moving into a different stage of sleep, Z•TRACK instructs Z•GEN to deliver those frequencies instead, enhancing your natural sleep stages.

This scientific mechanism is called entrainment. It is like having two identical tuning forks that operate at the same frequency. When one fork is vibrating and brought close to the other, that one begins to vibrate at the same frequency. This is why the System must be personalized, one system, one user, and how SOLTEC HEALTH works to improve your sleep.

Changes to your sleep behavior is reflected within your Z•TEST™ Sleep Score. The SOLTEC•Z™ App presents details of each stage of sleep as well as key factors in scoring your data including time spent asleep, sleep onset, depth, and efficiency, as well as time spent in REM. It also displays when and what frequencies Z•GEN provides, from those appropriate for Delta sleep to REM.

Sleep Right with SOLTEC.