The SOLTEC HEALTH™ System monitors, analyzes, and improves your sleep while you are sleeping. The Z•TRACK™ Analyst wearable knows if you are awake or asleep and if asleep, what stage of sleep you are in during the night.

The Z•TRACK Analyst worn on your wrist, is unlike any other sleep tracker. It works in tandem with its counterpart, the Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner, which sits under or by the foot of your bed. At any given moment, and in real time, Z•TRACK can inform Z•GEN which frequencies to produce that influence your sleep. Z•GEN then generates safe, low frequency waves that are associated with the various stages of sleep (light sleep, deep sleep and dream sleep). It helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep more deeply. The System does more than monitor your sleep. It improves your sleep.

Your sleep data is safely and securely stored in our encrypted database that is available for you to view or download in the morning or anytime thereafter. You can inspect your previous night’s sleep via the Z•TEST sleep score and subscores in the SOLTEC•Z™ app, the commands that Z•TRACK issued to Z•GEN, and trended data from your past recordings.

Pioneering better sleep while you sleep is certainly a new frontier. People need a reliable sleep aid device today more than ever. Please join us on this journey.