Sleep Right SOLTEC SES image depicts system

Premier Sleep Monitoring Device Drives Real Time Sleep Stage Enhancement

The SOLTEC Sleep Enhancement System works through the night to monitor, analyze, and improve your sleep. The Z•TRACK Analyst, worn on your wrist, works in tandem with the Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner, which sits under or by the foot of your bed. The Z•TRACK tracks what stage of sleep you are in and coveys that information to the Z•GEN. The Z•GEN then generates safe, low frequency waves that correspond with your sleep needs to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep more deeply. Your sleep data is then stored safely and securely in encrypted database and is available for you to view anytime through the SOLTEC•Z™ app

Sleep Right with SOLTEC℠

To manage your sleep is a valuable gift, but to enhance it is a dream come true.

SES System Diagram Displays how Z TRACK communicates with Z GEN and SOLTEC Z




You establish your own baseline with your first two nights of Z•TEST. That’s how our system learns what you need most, and when you need it. Your scores are indicators of your progress toward healthier sleep.

Z•TEST assesses your Sleep Time, Onset, Depth, REM and Efficiency.

The aggregate score is reported as a single score ranging from 0 to 100. The O2SE Index reflects the number of snoring events that are associated with drops in blood oxygen levels per hour of sleep time.

We give you an honest and comprehensive assessment of how you are sleeping. In the Stages Report, you can view your sleep histogram to evaluate time spent within the various stages of sleep. With further use of the system you will be able to determine your progress toward better sleep.

Your sleep metrics are reported after each nightly session and trended over longer time periods. View how your Sleep Time, Depth, or Efficiency have progressed over a week, month, quarter or year. Never has sleep data been this complete and precise, direct to you, in the comfort of your own home.

Z•TRACK also contains an oximeter for recording blood oxygen levels and a microphone for recording snoring sounds. It can analyze for snoring, as well as events during which your blood oxygen levels drop. SOLTEC•Z displays when these snoring events are associated in time with the O2 drops. Such sleep disruptions can seriously fragment your sleep by causing sleep arousals and awakenings.