There’s one question you are probably asking yourself right now. Is the SOLTEC•HEALTH System right for me? In our testing, it’s right for most people, but you’ll have to use it and make that determination for yourself. 

If you’re a person that likes to analyze data, you can look at the results on the apps before and after you use the System and make a judgement based on the data, about how it lowers your stress level and how it improves your sleep scores. However, the real benefits aren’t found in a score, they are experienced. 

Let’s say you have just purchased this system or are considering it and you may have doubts about whether or not it will help you sleep better. After purchasing and receiving your System you have to wait three days, while it collects baseline information at night using the Z•TRACK Analyst, before the Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner starts to work to help you sleep better. But you want to see what it does right away! Will it work for me? 

After receiving your System, do an experiment. Run the SOLTEC•Z app and run a relaxation session aimed at reducing stress. You don’t have to wait three days. Using the SOLTEC•Z app, scroll to the Relax section on the My Night screen:  

  1. choose your intensity and duration
  2. strap on Z•TRACK
  3. recline or lie down
  4. place your feet close to Z•GEN
  5. press Start Session. 

This is designed to relax you, but you may fall asleep, so you may want to set an alarm. However, MOST IMPORTANTLY, after you start the stress reduction session, pay attention to your feet and legs, and FEEL. If you do this in the afternoon, when you are more predisposed to fall asleep (like at night), you will likely fall asleep after ten minutes or so. But don’t try to fall asleep. If you do fall asleep, you will know that SOLTEC•HEALTH will help you sleep, however the aim of this exercise is to see what you FEEL. If you don’t feel anything, will the System work for you? Yes, your feeling nature does not have to be high for the system to work. 

After each session with SOLTEC•Z recognize what you felt. Did you feel tingling or warmth in your feet? Did either of those feelings extend up your legs and even reach your hands or the rest of your body? Did your body feel heavy? Did you feel drowsy? When the session ended, did you feel tired, as though you slept or became very relaxed and were ready to sleep? Did you feel calmer? Over time, you will likely feel more and more.  

When you are trying to reduce your stress level or go to sleep, it is very helpful to feel your body. This helps you stop thinking so you can fall asleep. Therefore, it is good to learn how to feel more, so you can more easily focus on feeling and not thinking when you are stressed or trying to sleep. 

SOLTEC•HEALTH is designed to improve your sleep at night, in addition to improving your daytime functioning. We want you to FEEL the difference this system is making in your life, night and day. Do you have more energy the next day? Are you thinking more clearly? Do you still need a nap or six cups of coffee to get through the day? Are you feeling less stressed? Are you calmer and happier? Becoming more adept at feeling will help you in many aspects of your life. You need good sleep in order live your life well and experience all that it has to offer.  

Sleep well, feel more, and live better. 

When and How will SOLTEC•HEALTH Impact My Sleep? 

On the fourth night, after collecting your baseline data for three nights, the Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner starts to work. It’s amazing. Some people think our system should fix your sleep overnight.

Most likely, you’ve spent years, maybe decades, with deteriorating sleep patterns and possibly other health related issues that negatively impact sleep. The first night Z•GEN kicks in, feel free to be optimistic, but don’t expect eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, although you may be pleasantly surprised.

SOLTEC•HEALTH is not a drug which shuts down brain function, attempting to mimic normal sleep, and it’s not a miracle machine that somehow immediately reawakens all of the necessary circuitry in your brain that creates normal sleep patterns. The System adjusts to your sleep patterns and personalizes your local environment with the proper magnetic frequencies, consistent with the frequencies associated with the desired stages of sleep you should be experiencing. The Earth’s magnetic field also contains these frequencies. What Z•GEN is doing is altering the concentration of those frequencies in your immediate environment to assist in achieving more normal sleep. 

The more abnormal your sleep patterns are when you begin using the System, the longer it will take for you to adapt to the normal frequencies that Z•GEN is emitting.  

It may take days, weeks, or months for your sleep to become more normal. And it won’t happen all at once or in a linear fashion. It will happen gradually, and the improvements will ebb and flow. In other words, early on in the process, you will experience nights of better sleep followed by nights of sleep that aren’t as good. You will rebound between better nights and your old pattern. However, you will likely experience more and more better nights. Take a look at your trended results from time to time and you will see for yourself. 

Furthermore, if you are taking medications that influence your nervous system and have side effects impacting sleep, these too may slow progress. Please note: Do not discontinue any drug prescribed by your physician without consulting your physician first. 

There are two other factors that can have a significant negative impact on your sleep. They are pain and stress. Pain will keep you awake or awaken you if it appears while you are asleep. Your brain is programmed to make you aware of pain, so you can deal with it. The System is not designed to help you fall asleep or keep you asleep when you are experiencing pain. Please seek medical attention if you believe it is warranted. 

Excessive stress is another issue that will prevent sleep onset or cause you to stay awake if and when you have an awakening at night. Using SOLTEC•HEALTH during the day can be of great benefit, but if you continue to have stress at night, it is time to deal with the causation. Stress doesn’t happen without a cause. Please determine what that cause is, utilizing assistance if necessary, and seek the proper remedy. 

What are the Signs that tell Me SOLTEC•HEALTH is Working? 

One of the early signs that many users observe is experiencing longer blocks of consolidated sleep. In other words, there is a longer gap between waking up and looking at the clock. Frequently users will say, “I woke up and then shut my eyes and the next time I looked at the clock, 2 or 3 hours passed. Where did the time go?”  

Feeling tired when waking up to go to the bathroom is a good sign. When this happens, falling back to sleep is much easier. 

Both of these signs indicate that you are reaching a deeper level of sleep. As we age we lose deep (Delta) sleep, which when we were younger, normally occurred during the first half of the night to a significant degree. When deeper sleep begins to reappear, the body moves into a more relaxed, healing state, that increases the feeling of tiredness, which makes it easier to fall back to sleep, stay asleep, and sleep longer.  

When you start to sleep longer, you will likely experience more dreams, particularly towards morning, which is when you are more likely to dream. You will probably remember more of these dreams. Don’t let this alarm you. It is natural for you to have and remember some of your dreams, but before, you may have not been sleeping long enough to have as many dreams. 

As these signs emerge you will find that you are sleeping longer and more deeply. At that point you will notice that you have more energy the next day. You are more awake and less in need of a nap or caffeine. You are probably thinking more clearly and are more productive, as you were in younger years. You may also notice that you can stay awake longer in the evening. 

With these improvements, please consider the following:

  1. Although you may have more energy in the evening, because you are sleeping better, pay close attention to when you begin to feel tired. Your normal circadian rhythm will tell you when you should go to sleep. Pay attention and listen. This will help you re-establish your normal sleep pattern. Once you learn it, it helps to prepare for bed thirty minutes earlier, so when you feel tired you can go right to bed. That will help you fall asleep faster. 
  2. Although you may start feeling younger, you don’t necessarily have all of the capabilities you once had. As you become more active, remember to do so gradually. Take some time to stretch and if you begin to increase your activity or start an exercise regimen, do so with care and consideration.

How to interpret the Z•TEST Sleep Scores