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SOLTEC’s advanced technology represents a completely new approach to supporting the body’s natural processes for better sleep, reduced stress, and improved health and well-being.

Because the technology is so groundbreaking, we seek participants in our research program, which is an opportunity for you to guide our ongoing development of the technology and its use. Not only can you become a part of a new era in health, you will also be eligible for research study coupon.

Participation Guidelines

  • Fill out the study questionnaire-We will send you a unique coupon code within your browser. This process can take up to 1 minute.

  • We will explain the study and get you set up-We will help you set up your system and teach you how to use it daily for maximum benefit, and explain the research study in more detail and how your use of the system will be measured for it.

  • Watch your email to receive notifications–Enter your unique code at checkout to receive your discount.


Study Participation is anonymous and requires only the normal use of the System.


Current Studies


We seek participants for these studies while using their SOLTEC System

These are studies available for participation. If you’d like to participate, simply select the study which interests you for more information and to request participation.

Anxiety & PTSD

Join Our Study and Save $700

Image of a soldier

Many people suffer from anxiety and PTSD.

Our current technology (the SOLTEC System) presently is used to reduce stress and improve sleep.
Our research indicates that there may be a quantitative biomarker for these stress-related conditions. Your participation in this study could help us identify that marker for diagnostic purposes.
This study welcomes all participants regardless of anxiety or PTSD status.
Your personal information will be kept confidential and anonymous.
This study is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

Anxiety & PTSD