1-year warranty

60-day risk free trial

SOLTEC sleep management system not just another tracker improve your sleep

1-year warranty

60-day risk free trial

The SOLTEC Sleep Management System™ (SMS) is a scientific breakthrough engineered for sleep. Rejuvenate with deep sleep. Restore with prolonged sleep, guided by your own, natural sleep cycles. Sleep Right with SOLTEC™

Beta Testimonials

Our beta testers have had some great results using the system. Throughout the site, they share their impressions.

I now consistently sleep through the night with Z•GEN. No more tossing and turning and I am dreaming once again.

Niki C. - Wayzata, MN

I tried it for stress and it really relaxed me.

Nora D. - Minneapolis, MN

My results have been so positive that I will never give up my Z•GEN.

Max F. - Hopkins, MN

My young daughter woke me up often, but I’d remain awake the rest of the night. Now I get back to sleep and sleep through the night.

Niki C

Niki's Story

I’m in my early 40’s and became a mom in my late 30’s. Disturbed sleep became a big part of my life. Struggling to fall asleep, then being woken repeatedly, really took a toll. As my daughter grew up and slept mostly through the nights, there would still be the regular middle of the night visits with her looking for cuddles, getting back to sleep, but I would remain awake the rest of the night. It decreased my ability to function well through the day.

I started using the Soltec Sleep System. I now consistently sleep through the night with the Z•GEN, hardly ever waking up, unless my daughter or the dog need something. If they do wake me up I can usually get back to sleep. I decided to stop taking melatonin as I now trusted the system would get me to sleep. I have noticed that my anxiety is greatly reduced, and I am more comfortable in social settings than I have been in a while. No more falling asleep on the couch. No more tossing and turning

Woman holds temples because of stress and lack of sleep

“but I can’t sleep”

When you can’t sleep it’s frustrating, but it can be more than that. Sleep is natural and necessary for good health. Getting healthy sleep is a problem for an alarming portion of the population.

“Very few people understand how devastating too little sleep is to one’s health and well-being.”

Dr. Dan Cohen

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for sleep, stress and total wellness


In the morning, your sleep data is available for you to review through the SOLTEC•Z™ App. Inspect last night’s sleep  plus trended data from your past recordings.