What is the SOLTEC™ Sleep Management System?

The SOLTEC Sleep Management System or SOLTEC•SMS not only monitors your sleep, but it analyzes your sleep in real time. Seemingly, that makes no sense. Why do I care if it analyzes my sleep while I’m sleeping? I’m not awake, nor do I want to be awake to see the...

Why is Delta Sleep so Important?

Delta sleep (also known as slow wave sleep or deep sleep) is recognized by EEG activity with high voltage (75 µV) waves with a frequency range typically between .5 Hz and 3.5 Hz. Longer periods of Delta sleep occur in the first part of the night, primarily in the...

Stress and Sleep

Our body, mind and emotional state were not designed to operate well, when regularly experiencing stress. Although stress has become normal, it is not our natural state, and as a physician, I can attest to the fact that we do not endure it well.


Keep Informed

SOLTEC HEALTH has literally changed the science of sleep. Learn more about these exciting changes and what they mean for you as we dive deeper into the technology that aspires to deliver quality sleep to every home. We will send you regular updates on the science of sleep.

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