Engineered exclusively for sleep with innovative sleep stage detection and analysis technology

Precision monitoring and stage detection ‘It’s like a sleep lab on your wrist.’ Dr. Martin Scharf, Chief Medical Advisor

Learn how well you are actually sleeping–Understand your sleep with confidence

Measure your Sleep Gap: how much your sleep can improve by sleep stage and learn the important benefits of improving each sleep stage

Z•TRACK™ Analyst

the Source of Truth for the

SOLTEC Sleep Enhancement System

The Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner is in constant communication with Z•TRACK, delivering the proper frequencies to support your natural sleep stages throughout the night.

Z•Test Score Results

The Z•Test Sleep Score is a single number from 0 to 100 that’s based on assessments of each of the elements that make up your sleep. These categories are Sleep Time, which reflects the duration of your sleep, Depth, which represents how much time you spent in Delta sleep, REM, which is determined by how much time you spent in the REM sleep stage, Onset, which reflects how long it took you to fall asleep, and Efficiency, which is based on the quality and soundness of your sleep. These stats are all weighed against sleep data of healthy young adults, and can also be viewed individually through the SOLTEC•Z™ app.

Z•TRACK™ Analyst

Technology that monitors, analyzes and processes your unique data to guide a system that is in tune with you and only you. This is personalized sleep therapy that is based on nature, made possible by science.

Frequency-based pulse rate variability (FB-PRV) analysis for precise sleep staging

Blood oxygen monitoring with O2 drops

Motion assisted FB-PRV determines sleep versus wake

Microphone records snoring to correlate with O2 drops

Sleep Right with SOLTEC℠

To manage your sleep is a valuable gift, but to enhance it is a dream come true.



Z•TRACK doesn’t just track data thoroughly and with precision, it learns from that data and adjusts the activity of Z•GEN for each, individual user, providing customized frequencies associated with sleep. This machine learning is personalized. The more you wear Z•TRACK, the more it learns.

Engineered specifically for sleep, Z•TRACK measures pulse rate variability which it then correlates with built-in motion analysis to provide an accurate picture of your sleep.

Z•TRACK doesn’t just track sleep metrics thoroughly and with precision, it learns from that data and adjusts the activity of Z•GEN to generate frequencies, which are personalized for you.

Z•TRACK truly is like having a sleep lab on your wrist.