The SOLTEC Sleep Management System or SOLTEC•SMS not only monitors your sleep, but it analyzes your sleep in real time. Seemingly, that makes no sense. Why do I care if it analyzes my sleep while I’m sleeping? I’m not awake, nor do I want to be awake to see the results. Yes, that’s correct. But the brains of this system, the Z•TRACK™ Analyst, needs to know if you are awake or asleep and if asleep, what stage of sleep you are in during the night. Why?

Because at any given moment, Z•TRACK, worn on your wrist, can communicate with the Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner to influence your state of consciousness or stage of sleep. In other words, Z•TRACK provides real-time feedback, when necessary, so that your sleep can become deeper and more efficient. Z•GEN sits under or by the foot of your bed. It generates, safe, extremely low frequency magnetic waves (using the same frequency range as the Earth’s magnetic waves) that are associated with the various stages of sleep (light sleep, deep sleep and dream sleep).

Z•TRACK monitor performs a frequency-based form of heart rate variability that even informs Z•GEN what specific frequencies to use, which are personalized to you. And when changes need to be made during the night, Z•TRACK tells Z•GEN to make those changes.

In the morning, your sleep data is stored in your sleep data cloud. It is all there, available for you to review. You can inspect last night’s sleep, the commands that Z•TRACK issued to Z•GEN, and trended data for your past recordings. And during the daytime, our cloud machine learning system compares the effects of the interventions made to prior interventions in order to learn which interventions are most effective for future use. The entire system is controlled via the SOLTEC•Z™ app, which provides a number of graphic and data reports. Pioneering better sleep, while you sleep is certainly a new frontier. Please join us on this journey.


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