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A Closed-Loop, Real-Time Feedback System Personalized for Each Individual 

The SOLTEC•HEALTH System has 3 major elements.

• The most important element is the Z•GEN™ Magnetic Conditioner, which provides the main benefits of improved sleep and reduced stress.


• The Z•TRACK™ Analyst monitors your sleep throughout the night and communicates with Z•GEN when an adjustment to the stimulus is required. It also measures your stress level during a daytime relaxation session.


• The SOLTEC•Z™ App receives and displays the data from Z•TRACK. The data is stored in a cloud-based database, which, with further analysis, personalizes Z•GEN’s stimuli to provide better results for you.

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Since our nervous system evolved in the presence of the Earth’s magnetic field, it is of no surprise that it is responsive to magnetic frequencies.


The frequency ranges that produce Delta, or slow wave sleep, and REM sleep are within the range of frequencies produced by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Unfortunately, the Earth’s changing field is not timed with the exact stage of sleep each of us is experiencing.

Since Z•TRACK knows what stage of sleep you are in moment by moment, real time sleep stage enhancement can be delivered by Z•GEN. It produces frequencies consistent with your stage of sleep.


When your data suggests that you are moving into a different stage of sleep, Z•TRACK instructs Z•GEN to deliver those frequencies instead, enhancing your natural sleep stages.

Z•TRACK monitors your sleep throughout the night and communicates with Z•GEN when an adjustment to the stimulus is required.

Think of the SOLTEC System as a sleep supplement that conditions your environment. 

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