We’re Doing a Kickstarter Campaign

Every day, people make dreams come true and visions reality by plegding to help inventors and creators of all kinds on Kickstarter.  Many of those inventions make life a little easier and now there’s an invention to make sleep easier, one of the pillars of good health. Help us make a healthy life a little easier. Sign up to be notified when our Kickstarter campaign begins. This is the best way you can help us finish over thirty years of research to create the first and only closed-loop interactive sleep management system, SOLTEC•SMS. We’re still busy determining reward levels for those of you who pledge.

SOLTEC SMS Sleep Management System includes Z GEN Magnetic Conditioner Z TRACK Analyst and the SOLTEC Z app


$250 Savings with this pledge

Premium Package

includes 6-month 12 month subscription

Subscription fee $9.99 per month thereafter


SOLTEC•SMS Sleep Management System

Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner

Z•TRACK Analyst


Example Kickstarter Reward

Rewards are limited by quantity. Once a limit is reached, we can’t extend it further, so get in early, or better yet, super early!

SOLTEC HEALTH™ products and services are not medical devices, and are not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease or condition. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult your doctor.