Sleep Right with SOLTEC℠

To manage your sleep is a valuable gift, but to enhance it is a dream come true.

What is Slow Wave Sleep?

Slow Wave Sleep, also known as Delta sleep, is the sleep stage where your brain is producing its slowest brainwaves, also called Delta waves. While the brain is producing these Delta waves, it is peacefully resting without any thoughts or worries. During this stage of sleep, the body doesn’t move, but it is hard at work to complete some important healing processes. These processes, including growth hormone secretion causing growth and healing, DNA repair, immune system re-balancing, and the removal of harmful material from nerve cells, are strongest in young people, who get the most Slow Wave Sleep, but gradually deteriorate with age. In fact, by their mid to late forties, most people have lost 60-70% of their Delta sleep, and by their seventies it is mostly, if not all, gone. Without this deep level of sleep, your body loses out on some of its most important healing processes.


Public Health Problem

The CDC has declared insufficient sleep a ‘public health problem’, with more than 1/3 American adults not getting enough sleep on a regular basis

6+ Hours of Sleep for Better Health

Sleeping less than 6 hours on a regular basis per night has been shown in studies of more than 1 million subjects over decades to increase obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Americans Struggle with Sleep

An estimated 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week.


A Letter from Our CEO

For a more in depth look into our past, present and future, peruse this letter from our CEO, Dr. Dan Cohen.